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Which Arena Football League Team Should You Cheer For?

Updated at Mar 21, 2024

Looking for an Arena Football team to support? Here are a couple of reasons to support every single AFL team in the 2024 season.

The Arena Football League is back in less than a month. Backing a team is the best part of becoming invested in a league. We will break down which team is the best for you based on history/locations and logos. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of which team you will be repping in 2024.


Albany Firebirds

Albany, New York

The Firebirds are the most North-Eastern team in the AFL. Out of Albany New York, fans from the New England area will mostly find ties to the Firebirds.

The Firebirds crest flashes their desire to play fast and furious. If you like speed, hold on because your Firebirds never slow down. They are an established arena brand and will bring in established Arena fans and newcomers alike with their high-flying brand of football and a name to match.

Minnesota Myth

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Land of 10,000 Lakes is where the Myth will launch from. Major cities near the Myth include Chicago, Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee. If you reside in the upper Midwest, the Myth is for you.

Myth’s logo is sleek and simple, just like the team's focus on being sharp and connected on the field while keeping the opponents guessing. Minnesota is blazing a trail on and off the field as the Myth have the first Latina owner, Diana Hutton, in professional sports.

Nashville Kats

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is located nestled near Columbus, Louisville, Memphis, and Cincinnati. Located in the Eastern portion of the midwest, the Nashville Kats will cater to this region.

The Kats logo is bright and loud. They want you to know they are coming and won't let up. Just like a wild lion, they are seen and heard from miles away. If you love to be seen and heard, strap up with the Kats. Oh, and they might have the coolest mascot around, with Kool Kat making his return.

Philadelphia Soul

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Soul is the only AFL team from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. Major metros covered by their footprint include the District of Columbia, Baltimore, Harrisburg, New York City, and Richmond.

Founded in 2003, they are one of the most storied franchises in the league. Once owned by rockstar Bon Jovi, this team is the pinnacle of the league's history. Their three AFL Championships (2008, 2016, 2017) are nothing to scoff at.

With a connected design, the Soul want to be as passionate as Philly fans are for all things Philly.If being a part of the league's most notable recognizable brand, the Soul are for you.


Georgia Force


The Force will lay claim to a territory that includes Atlanta, the South's largest major metro. Their geographic footprint also includes nearby Charlotte, Columbus, Birmingham and maybe Knoxville. The Southeast will have a team centrally located to root for with the Force.

With a Saber cutting through the “FORCE”, the team's identity is to show its precision. Fans that love laser sharp focus and precise moves should fall in love with the Force. Pull out your foam saber and fight on with Coach Durwood Roquemore and the Georgia Force.

Louisiana Voodoo

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Louisiana has a proud tradition of football from high school to the NFL. Fans from all over the Gulf Coast flock to the city. People from Mobile to Houston should find a home team to cheer for with the Voodoo.

With the name perfectly tied to the region's deep history of magic, the Voodoo displays a skull to intimidate any and all who dare cross them. If you love trick plays and exotic packages, look no further and vow your allegiance to the dark magic in Louisiana. The Voodoo also have some home cooking going on with Louisiana native son and stud collegiate quarterback Chase Fourcade in the fold for the 2024 AFL season.

Orlando Predators

Orlando, Florida

The Predators are Florida’s only team. If you want to rock with the Sunshine State, Orlando will surely be the team. With five years of indoor competition, the Orlando Predators are ready to take their talents to the AFL. Moving from the NAL (National Football League) look to make a name for themselves this year.

The “Predator” wraps its claw around its opponents, giving them little room to breathe. Like a predator hunts its prey's weaknesses, fans will love how Orlando exploits teams' frailty to achieve their goals. Roar deep with the Predators if this resonates for you.

Orlando has a stellar reputation in Arena Football, and the 2024 Predators are ready to reintroduce football fans to Predators’ football.

West Texas Desert Hawks

Odessa, Texas

The Desert Hawks roam Western Texas. From Fort Worth to Phoenix fans in the Southwest should feel right at home with the Desert Hawks. The Desert Hawks were announced as an expansion franchise in 2019 for the Championship Indoor Football League and at the time chose Warbirds as the team’s name. They weren’t able to play their first season and moved to the LSS (Lone Star Series) and won the title. In the following two seasons they moved to AFA (Arena Football Association) and NAL.

Heading into 2024, West Texas rebranded and took on a new name: West Texas Desert Hawks. Bold and sharp, the Hawks embrace a fast and precise way of operating on the field. There is a saying that goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.” if you find your wanting to fly high, West Texas is calling your name.

Odessa has small-town vibes, but a big-city passion for football. West Texas is a professionally run organization and will be a force in the league with dominant players like Lonnie Outlaw bringing their talents to the arena floor.


Iowa Rampage

Council Bluffs, IA

The Rampage are the league's “most” centrally located team. From Des Moines to Omaha, fans in the Midwest will flock to the Rampage.

The team presents itself with sheer force. If their opponents aren’t ready to play, the Rampage will bury them. Gorillas have great strength and their fans bring a 9th man to the field with them. If you want to be strong like a gorilla, pound your chest for the Rampage.

Iowa promises to deliver a physical brand of Arena Football, and Coach Tyus Jackson has his squad ready for their first season in the Arena Football League. If you are looking for a squad and organization that will bring the energy and toughness to the Arena Game, the Rampage are your squad.

Salina Liberty

Salina, Kansas

The Liberty resides in North Central Kansas. Fans from Lincoln to Topeka should feel right at home in Salina. The Liberty may be new to the AFL, but they are not new to the indoor game. Salina was founded in 2015 and will be making the move to AFL from Champion Indoor Football this season. From 2018-2023, they made the Championship Bowl, winning it all in 2022.

A sleek and coordinated design is just how the team likes to play, synchronized in all efforts. If you like teams with flawless execution, limited errors or hiccups, hoist your fandom with the Liberty.

Southwest Kansas Storm

Dodge City, Kansas

Out in the corner of Southwest Kansas, the Storm will reach fans from Amarillo to Colorado Springs and everywhere in between. Though the region that the Storm play in had an indoor season since 2017, 2021 was the first for the team to compete in the CIF. The Storm offers a unique blend of history and eye-popping colors. Down in the corner of Southwest Kansas, the Storm will reach fans from Amarillo to Colorado Springs and everywhere in between.

Quick and bold just like the region's famous tornadoes, the Storm are relentless and don't stop until everything in their way is destroyed. If you find yourself wanting nonstop pressure on opposing teams, spin up with the storm.

Head Coach Gary Thomas has deep roots in the community in Dodge City after a long and successful career coaching JuCo there. Now he brings his talent and resume to the professional ranks, but he is more than ready for the challenge.

Wichita Regulators

Wichita, Kansas

From Wichita to Oklahoma City, the Regulators are roaming the plains of the heartland.

With a name like the Regulators, you’ll be sure the team is built on enforcing their opponents. Controlling the game's tempo allows Wichita to disrupt any team's game plan. Do you find control and dictation of a game a desire for your team? Mount up with the Regulators.

Head Coach Clinton Solomon is a veteran of the indoor game and is ready to take the reigns as head coach. Look for Wichita to make some noise in their first season in the Arena Football League.


Billings Outlaws

Billings, Montana

Billings has had three indoor teams come to town. The Outlaws in the 00’s, the Billings Wolves in 2015-2016 and now the Outlaws return as an AFL organization. Though the Outlaws returned in 2022 with the same name,logo, colors, there is no connection to the original team. Making the semifinals in the CIF in 2022 and 2023, the Outlaws will push into the AFL bringing that competitive spirit. Patrolling the Rocky Mountain Region, the Outlaws will have fans from Denver to Helena.

Bold strategies and brash efforts will allow the Outlaws to gain an edge in every game. If their competition comes out flat, it may already be too late. Consider yourself a little bit of a black hat, and ride with the Outlaws for 2024.

Oregon Blackbears

Salem, Oregon

From Salem to San Francisco, black bears cover the region just like their fans.

Powerful and relentless, the Blackbears never say quit, and neither does this time. The Blackbears won't stop until they get what they want. Hibernation season is over if you are ready to forge into the AFL this summer with pure steady, steady might, power up with Oregon.

The Blackbears are bringing Arena Football back to Oregon and they are building a talented team. With Head Coach Chuck Jones leading the squad and quarterback Connor Kaegi leading the offense, the Blackbears could shock some folks. If you like a team that will surprise people with their talent, Oregon is for you.

Rapid City Marshals

Rapid City, South Dakota

Indoor football is not new to the Rapid City region. The Black Hills Red Dogs and Rapid City Flying Aces patrolled the area in the mid-2000s. The Marshals' name was chosen in 2021 to be the ying to the Billings Outlaw and Sioux City Bandits yang in 2021. The owners wanted an offsetting name, which naturally created rivalries in the CIF. Rapid City is also famous for its “Old West” feel, and the name was dropped right in. If you join the Marshal’s ranks, you will surely be rooting against the Outlaws. Those who reside in Cheyenne all the way up to Bismarck will feel Rapid City's central location is ideal for their AFL team of choice. The Marshals are decisive and cunning.

Understanding when to attack, the Marshals are always prepared to take advantage of their competition. If you consider yourself someone who knows the rules and out, the Marshals should be the team for you.

With a brother-sister ownership group in Wes Johnson and Rebecca Chapman, a highly talented and experienced coach in Shon King, and a roster that has talent from top to bottom, the Marshals will put the Dakotas and Rapid City on the map.

Washington Wolfpack

Everett, Washington

The AFL’s Northwestern-most team patrols Seattle to Spokane and up to their neighbors in Canada. Spokane is no stranger to Arena Football teams, but the Wolfpack are bringing a unique style and flair that will excite the fans.

The Wolfpack are sleek and cunning. Washington knows when to attack. Harmonized as one unit, they are never out of sync. Consider yourself part of the pack? Want to run with a synchronized unit? Pledge your allegiance to the Wolfpack.

Washington has been building community support around their squad, and Head Coach J.R. Wells is ready to make his Arena debut. The Wolfpack are ready to run in 2024.

There is no right or wrong way to pick a team. If a fan lives in Orlando but loves the Outlaws, be an Outlaw fan. Games will be on NFL Network and NFL+ so they won’t miss a single game.

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